The award categories:

ICT Business Person of the year (Woman/ Man)

This is for the man or woman who has worked tirelessly to achieve recognition by clients from Zimbabwe and beyond. The award is for a man or woman whose business acumen contributed tremendously in putting Zimbabwe on the spotlight on the global arena and has added value to ICTs in Zimbabwe by making ICTs accessible and affordable to the generality of Zimbabweans through a sustainable business model.


ICT Company of the year  [large/ SME]

This is for a company which has excelled in ICTs whilst portraying empathy on its environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public. The company should also have included public interest in its decision-making and practice by honoring the triple bottom line, that is, People, Planet and Profit. This award also seeks to honor an ICT company that has excelled in bringing new technologies to Zimbabweans making ICTs impact directly and positively on the lives of ordinary people.

ICT project of the year(Public / Private Sector)

The project should have a direct impact on the way we live in our country. All the information provided in the project should be based on real time information. The project should have the characteristics which portray commitment to transforming public sector business practices country wide to a new era of digital information management. It should be a project focused at delivery of world class solutions that epitomize best practices in delivering tangible services to the citizenry.

Private Sector


The project should have had a direct impact on the way business is done in private institutions. This award is presented to a project delivering outstanding applications of enterprise-level business technology. The overall solution should have been based on a platform which brought benefits such as reduced ICT infrastructure and support costs; enabled a quicker speed to market and ushered in tangible benefits to the people of Zimbabwe.

Young  ICT innovator of the year (35yrs & below) 


This is for a young person who has managed to introduce innovative ICT solutions which have made meaningful contributions to ICT services sector through hard work and perseverance.

Web developer of the year (Company / Individual)

This award recognizes the creative and practical skills of a web developer who has developed website(s) which are easy to navigate, interactive and provide value to its audience that draws them to that site again and again. The person should have designed a website that has tangible benefits.


ICT Website of the year (Private/ Public)

This is for the website that contains fresh and original content for the benefit of the public. Navigation on the website should be user friendly. The website should also be interactive, easy to access and have relevant active links.

ICT journalist of the year

This category is for the journalist who accurately and excellently reported about developments in ICTs in 2014. The award is for a Journalist who, in his reports, clearly indicates why ICTs are central to the country’s socio-economic development.


ICT School of the Year (Rural/ Urban)

This is for any rural/ urban school that has successfully introduced ICTs and enhanced student learning by making ICTs an integral part of the teaching/learning process as well as developing students’ and teachers’ ICT skills.


ICT Animator of the Year

ICT Enabled Courier Company of the year