. What is the brand name of your  innovation? Please note the name given here will be used in all awards publicity and materials. (approx 25 words)

2. Is this a joint entry? If so, who are the partnering organisations? (approx 25 words)

3. Give evidence that the product or solution was or will be commercially available and in use by time of entry? (approx 85 words)

4. If this product or service is a new release or update to an existing version, please explain the key differences and advances available in this release compared to the previous version. (approx 85 words)

5. What are the key benefits of your innovation ? (approx 250 words)

6. Please describe what is unique, new or innovative about your product or solution? (approx 250 words)

7. In what demonstrable ways does your new innovation enhance the end-user experience? (approx 250 words)

8. To what extent does your innovation transform the economics of the information communication technology industry? (approx 250 words)

9. Please give additional background information to support your entry.  (approx 250 words)